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Friday, Sep 1, 2017
Summer construction season coming to a close at Birch Ridge
First fall foliage gallery pictures posted.
Summer construction season coming to a close at Birch Ridge <br />First

New "Casa Casella" beside the Carriageway at Birch Ridge Inn

Summer construction season coming to a close at Birch Ridge <br />First

New "Casa Casella" beside the Carriageway at Birch Ridge Inn

As they say... "Mi casa es su casa" or "my house is your house"

Well the bears of Killington took that a little too literally with "Casa Casella" at the inn this summer. For those not in on the joke, Casella is our waste hauler. "Casa Casella" is what we call the enclosure beside the carriageway shielding our dumpsters from public view.

On the evening of our wine dinner for the Killington Wine Festival in July, a family of bears decided that the scraps left over from the dinner were just too irrestible to ignore. "Casa Casella" being exposed to the elements for 20 years (yes we have been at this for 20 years now) was no match for momma bear and her large cubs. They succeeded in ripping the doors of and damaging the other wood work.

We had planned on replacing "Casa Casella" in the fall to add an additional "Recycling" dumpseter into the enclosure to comply with VT State Law. We have been taking our recycling to the local transfer station all summer. During the summer months when our deliveries to the inn are smaller, going to the transfer station was a sustainable activity. As we ramp into the fall and winter, things get more serious so we needed to add an additional dumpster exclusively for recyclables.

But the Birch Ridge Bears had other ideas on our timing. As a result, over the last 2 weeks we have spent time completing the demolition of the old enclosure that the bears had started and rebulding a new one in its place. The old enclosure was approximately 9 by 9. The new enclosure is 12 by 12. Undoubtedly the construction effort costed us a few rounds of August golf. Hopefully we get those back in the fall when we had originally planned the construction efforts.

Speaking of fall, there are clear signs around Killington that the annual fall foliage progresssion of the leaf canopy has started. The early "signal trees" have started to show some brilliant color. Whaile not many have changed, they are harbingers of things to come.

It is hard to predict how the color will be this year. However, if past history is a guide, it should be beautiful this year. The leaf canopy of the forest is fully developed and not stressed. We have had more than adequate rainfall this summer, combined with very mild temperatures. As a result, the trees have gone wild with leaf production.

Usually this will signal a long, vibrant, fall season. But is it too early to know for sure.

You can keep track of the fall colors around the inn with our annual "Fall Foliage" gallery. Each day a new picture of the inn will be posted showing the forest behind the inn. In the pictures of the last 2 days, you can see a signal tree I have mentioned behind the Great Room A-Frame (left) that has already changed.

While your mileage may vary, you can also compare the progress of this years fall colors with fall foliage from the last 10 seasons. While not a perfect indicator, the historical record can help you plan your trip to Killington to see optimal color in the region over the fall.

Mother nature always puts on a great show in the Green Mountains of Vermont each fall. Don't be a spectator. Get our and enjoy it!

Where ever you may be, keep it in the fairway, and savor the last days of summer.

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