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Friday, Jan 25, 2019
And January is almost over
Chairs hung on new South Ridge Quad

Chairs hung on new South Ridge Quad

Chairs hung on new South Ridge Quad

Chairs hung on new South Ridge Quad

What happened to January. It has been a pretty wild ride...

Between the wait a minute weather.... is it hot is it cold, is it snowy, is it icing, is it r@Ining (I refuse to type that word in the winter), Mother Nature had kept us off balance. In general it has been a pretty good snow month, the last few days not withstanding. We should be exiting the month with very solid base conditions to carry us through the rest of the season.

At the inn it has been snow blowing, plowing, industrial augering, bucket loading and a bunch of sand and calcium chloride. it is all good. The one bill that we like to pay (don't let it go to your head Mark), is our snow plowing bill. More plowing means more snow, more skiing, more fun.... it is a pretty simple formula.

Mary and I have been up on the mountain at least 2-3 days every week this month. Conditions are varying greatly due to the capricious behavior of Mother Nature, but the resort is taking things in stride. During the very cold periods, they were stockpiling snow for the spring on Superstar. During the snowy periods, they were judiciously grooming. Both powder hounds and casual cruisers should have been satisfied with the work done by the resort on snow days. In addition, the resort also made significant strides in completing the build of the new South Ridge Quad. Everything looks ready for testing.... Keep your fingers crossed but we should be hearing about an opening date soon.

With February fast approaching, we are now entering the prime of the ski vacation season. it's a great time to plan your Killington getaway. With the snow pack in the area, we have a long season left.

Where ever you may be, Think Snow!

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