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Birch Ridge Inn
Snow Stake Picture
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Birch Ridge Inn Snowstake
Friday, April 19, 2019
Last snow stake picture of the season. Temps in the mid 60's. Still plenty of snow on the mountain, but basically gone at the inn.

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Friday, Mar 29, 2019
You missed a shockingly good ski day......
Foreboding clouds descend on Killington as Chuckles skates in front of K1 on way to Bubble

Foreboding clouds descend on Killington as Chuckles skates in front of K1 on way to Bubble

Foreboding clouds descend on Killington as Chuckles skates in front of K1 on way to Bubble

Foreboding clouds descend on Killington as Chuckles skates in front of K1 on way to Bubble

Today was a surprise!

When I got up this morning with the intention to ski the 4th day in a row this week, I was not impressed when I looked outside. Heavy clouds were in the air over the inn. A light r@!n was falling. Temperatures were in the low 40's.

I hopped onto the Weather Channel app on my phone. Not to look at the forecast... That would be of no value in determining if I was going to head out to the mountain. I looked at the radar plot. I saw that Killington was on the northernost tip of a penisula of r@!n. We were about to enter a dry hole in the storm for around 2 hours. Time was of the essence.....

Mary put her boots on at the front desk. I put my left ski boot on, keeping street shoes for the right so I could drive to the mountain. After a quick trip out the door to a parking spot near the Snowdon Bubble, I put my right boot on in the parking lot and we were off. The r@In had stopped. The clouds were still heavy. But our hunch looked like it was playing out.

For the first run we headed to Highline. The entrance was a little slick with some minor crispyness. But the middle and headwall were pure delight. Cream cheese from edge to edge allowing for sweeping carving turns down the face of the headwall. And the snow was consistent as well. Score one for the team.

We pushed across to the Superstar quad and most of the trails on it's pod. Took a couple of runs off the Skyeship. Headed back to the Bubble for a tour of the Canyons as the Canyon quad was running today. And finished with a K1 run down Great Northern to head back to the car. Everywhere we went we found beautiful soft carving snow. A very deightful morning.

To reward ourselves, we did lunch at the Back Country Cafe. As we were eating lunch, right on time as predicted by the Weather Channel's radar, it began to shower.

Sometimes you pick your battles with Mother Nature. With so much snow covering Killington, it was a no brainer today to go skiing. And with a little help from technology... we stayed dry as well.

The forecast calls for some juice in the atmosphere this weekend. With temperatures expected to be above freezing for most of Saturday and Sunday, you can expect very soft snow with developing bumps across all the mountains of Killington. Come and get some.... you won't melt! And if you play your cards right, as the temperatures start to fall on Sunday, you will be greated with a little fresh snow to cap off your weekend.

So put in your clear lenses in your goggles, and come to the mountains. You won't be disappointed.

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